Feb 2, 2011

One Boy's Horse and Meeting Norstein.

Found this old sketch of mine while looking for inspiration. This was an early stage of development for "Tomorrow", my short film from 2009, where I had an attempt to show a child's sense of beauty amid devastation of war. 

A year and a half after the production was over, I met a person to whom I am grateful for the biggest inspiration starting from my early age. Yuriy Borisovitch Norstein, an author of "Tale of Tales" and "Hedgehog in the Fog" - my favorite films of all times. On the last day of our meeting I looked through my art with a hope to find something that has a soul, that has no touch of digital, something that I drew with a free mind, and stopped at this sketch. Next, it was framed with brown tape at the back and soon traveled to Moscow! 


  1. The sketch is wonderful! And a little bit sad at the same time. A horse is very touching. I have pity for her. It's very fragile and somehow seems lost. I love paintings like this one because of their subtlety. I like when there is left a lot to your imagination.

    I love colors. They are hard and beautiful and dramatic. That is a beautiful piece of art, Ruah.

    My very best to you from cold Utah.

  2. Thank you, Kaya! It all ended well as it always does in a complete story. Thank you for stopping by. It's a treat to have your thoughts in here. And to you - my best.

  3. It's a dreaming little horse, dreaming of better times, dreaming of sun, dreaming of a friend. I love it!

  4. Monica, thank you. It is special meeting you.