Feb 12, 2011

Los Angeles Zoo, painting with Deborah Ross.

Today was a fortune. I painted with Deborah Ross, one of America's leading wildlife artist. Ross is a faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York and also teaches workshops in animal drawing and movement at Dreamworks, Pixar, and Walt Disney Feature Animations. 

“I work in watercolor because of the speed, mobility and emotional richness of the medium. My technique derives from the oriental school of painting. A broad sweep of color applied with the full body of the brush lays down the overall gesture. I then use the fine tip of the brush for a telling detail – the arch of a wrist or angle of brow line - to set and ground .the pose. All of this must be done quickly, for I only work from life. Once the moment is past, I stop.  My ambition is a portrayal of the essence of a subject distilled during the moments of observation. This “genii loci” (spirit of the place) is severely depleted and often lost when an animal is displaced from it true habitat.” - Deborah Ross 


  1. So beautiful Ruah! I'm so glad that you were there. I especially love the last one! And I can't want to see your film this year!

  2. These paintings are unique!!!!!

    My favorite giraffe is the last one with tall skinny legs. She seems so young and lost. And I like how you worked with colors. They are fantastic. Great paintings!!!!!!

    And that was really wonderful that you were able to paint with Deborah Ross.

    My very best to you from Utah, Ruah!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Thank you, my friends! Glad to share. Best to you all.

  5. what beautiful paintings!! Reminds me of Charles Reid in a way.