Apr 30, 2011

Of Stars & People

These are still frames from "Of Stars & People", one of the two new episodes from Oah & Harlam series. This episode along with "Of Care" is screened today at CalArts Open Show, 2 - 6 pm and after a break 10 - 11:30 pm. 

Apr 28, 2011

Scoring "Of Stars & People"

Scored by Yoon Lee, a new episode of Oah & Harlam series titled "Of Stars & People" is complete. The project is based on poetic prose and expressed through animation and music, along with the narration. The first screening of two new episodes is on April 30th at CalArts' Open Show! 

Apr 27, 2011

Animation is complete!

Two new episodes of Oah & Harlam series are complete. This is a still frame from "Of Care", one of the two shorts this year. We are working on final mix, and I am looking forward to show the films soon! 

Apr 1, 2011

Seine of Paris

From my older sketchbook, while on final stages of my two animated films this year. Deep breath.