Jan 28, 2011


Full-time film work! Oah & Harlam Episodes, my friends. 

At first glance the stories about two weirdoes Oah and Harlam may appear as senseless. But when there is an overflow of senselessness, then appears deep philosophy.

These stories are not just shorts that I wrote, they are a worldview, answers to some questions of reality, grotesque simplicity of which seems to be surreal. In this project bits of life situations, thoughts, and actions are applied to animation, music, and a spoken word. There is a need to write fairytales for grownups, to write almost impossible stories, because when we seriously begin to talk about important and intimate things in live, most of us cannot take it. 

The image above is an animation pencil test from "Of Care", the new episode I am working on right now. And so, Harlam is walking. 

Jan 27, 2011

Studio Time.

Recording session for the next three episodes of Oah & Harlam series! Still looking for a narrator.