Mar 17, 2011

Theater of the Absurd

Inspired by Eugene Ionesco's "Exit the King", an improvisational play took place and time at CalArts's video studio last week. One of the side ideas of the improvisation was to carry it at a moderate tempo to accommodate sketching animators! ...Amazing actors, lights, cameras, and Masha Vasilkovsky - the organizer!


Mar 11, 2011


Japan has been struck today by what is now thought most powerful earthquake since records began, triggering a massive tsunami. I found in me this image with one of my characters. ...caring. 

Mar 10, 2011

School Girl

This is a traditional animation exercise from a CalArts' advanced Character Animation class taught by Ted Ty. The character was given, and all I had to do - animate! This is from last Fall's semester, while these days new shorts of Oah & Harlam Episodes are on the way! 

Mar 3, 2011

Home Alone

This is a short animation I did last Fall for Drawn Techniques class with Maureen Selwood. The task was to show a fall of a chair.