Oct 20, 2011

Presenting Oah & Harlam Episodes.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to present "Oah & Harlam Episodes" in San Diego at &NOW conference for authors and critics of contemporary, innovative literature.  

While opening I shared a little about my background, influences, and inspirations that formed me as an artist. Then spoke about ideas behind the series, how I believe that there is a need to simplify important matters to the scale of almost ridiculously surreal characters in order to talk about important things in life. Speaking from a podium isn't necessarily the best way of communication for me, soon I turned to introducing Yoon Lee, a film composer who scored three episodes, and we proceeded to screening the series. 

Following the screening I read a few episodes that didn't make to screen yet. And during the Q&A session, probably for the first time, I had a direct contact with the audience when non of the technical ways of creating animation were discussed. Instead their questions linked to the meaning behind the stories and characters, and what was my path of arriving to the necessity of creating them. Most of the turnout were writers, and I very much enjoyed responding to their questions. The whole experience of sharing was a treat.