Nov 11, 2011

Thesis Film.

Living through a delicate time of pre–production for my thesis film. Having only one year on my hands for making this film I am holding myself from being overwhelmed and give my senses enough space to breath before jumping into production. Countless notes around my desk, looking at works by masters, both painting and cinematography, reading Russian classics and Japanese haiku, I look for patterns from my perceptions from the past and present, aiming to make a film that will carry in itself a journey of one's life with inspirations, memories, and growth. Above is a culmination of my visual development for the film's looks. The film, titled "Died 100 Times", is planned to be completed in May 2012.  


  1. good luck for you and your film. looking forward to it

    for you - some words by johannes eberhardt:

    Bear Dreaming

    from the back, from the left
    slowly, under the cover of a soft wind
    the spirit of the bear
    enters your field
    you feel the roaming strength
    you feel the playful curiosity
    as she collects the images
    for her long dream-time
    when she feeds the living field
    with the splinters of her dreams
    night and day.

  2. loved the poem, collecting images for her dreams!
    Thank you, Monika!