Jul 22, 2011

Of Care.

One more episode from the Oah & Harlam Series I made these year. Scored by Thomas Parisch in association with PearUp Media.


  1. Wow! Amazing as usual! Have any stations wanted to pick up your episodes yet? By the way who does the Voice Acting? Are they CalArts students?

  2. Hi Ambar! Thank you. The series still in production and the future of it is brewing as we speak. Voice is by Dylan Forman, my former classmate from CalArts Character Animation, unbeatable choice... And the other voice is mine. Sorry couldn't reply more promptly, summer happened! =)

  3. Oh it's ok! I got a new blog and wanted to find you! Wow I can't wait to see the others, and you going to see if these get picked up by a television series or something like that?