Jun 9, 2011

Of Stars & People

At last online! This is a new episode of Oah & Harlam series I was working on this year. At fist glance the stories about two weirdoes Oah and Harlam may appear as senseless. But when there is an overflow of senselessness, then appears deep philosophy. 

These stories are not just shorts that I wrote, they are a worldview, answers to some questions of reality, grotesque simplicity of which seems to be surreal. In this series bits of life situations, thoughts, and actions are applied to animation, music, and a spoken word. I think there is a need to write fairytales for grownups, to write almost impossible stories in order to talk about important things in life.

The original music scored by Yoon Lee, involves a rare use of instruments such as kalimba and kayagum. 


  1. Ruah, this is absolutely wonderful and very touching. I waited for this episode and finally I can be with your characters Oah and Harlam. I like very much the idea of senseless. Yes, there is a philosophy in it.

    We grown-ups sometimes lose our imagination, we think that we see clear but we are missing hidden things. We are always looking for answers and don't see that they are so close. We are too damn serious about everything....

    A kind wish..... not a selfish one. At the end Oah makes a KIND wish. I have to think about it.

    Ruah, please let me post this video on my Reflections to watch it from time to time.

    Many hugs to you and all my warm wishes!!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, my friends! Kaya, of course, post the video on Reflections. The whole point of it is sharing.

    Soon "Of Care", one more of the new episodes will come to online, and I am looking forward to sharing this one as well! Best-best from me to you.

  3. Ruah, I went on YouTube to find this new episode and I couldn't. I found only Forgiveness. Perhaps, I should wait more. Are you going to launch this fragment from the movie on YouTube?

    Thanks a lot for allowing me to post this new episode on Reflections. I am very excited about it.

  4. Ruah, I posted you new episode Of Stars and People on my Reflections.

    Please, let me know is everything ok. If something you don't like I can always correct it.

  5. Thank you, Kaya! I am very touched by your post.
    Maybe a minor correction, the name of the series is "Oah & Harlam Episodes" and "Of stars & People" is one of those episodes. In Russian it would be something like this, новый фильм "О Людях и Звёздах" из сериaла об Оах и Харламе.

    Ах.. сериал, какое-то слово поседневное стало, от чего бы это.

    Thank you again, Kaya, and all the best!

  6. Ruah, I corrected. I hope that everything is ok right now.

    My very best to you too!!!

  7. Thanks so much for the comment. I can't believe it is you! - You were my vote for the Student's Choice Award for the Producer's Show! Honestly, I don't know if I know you or not, as I am so bad with names. But I just loved your films - artistically and technically. Amazing stuff! Thanks again.