May 30, 2011

Poet - The King of Fools

Just came across the visual development of a character I did at Jon Gomez' Life Drawing class in 2008 at CalArts. Pierre Gringoire - a struggling poet, playwright and a philosopher from Victor Hugo's novel 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'.  The poet's character did not appear in Disney's 1996 animated film adaptation. So, here are his looks! The Poet becomes the object of crowd's derision, when the 'King of Fools' title is given to him. 

GRINGOIRE: I am the true King of Fools! I battle for beauty and the ugly gets crowned! What greater fool can there be than I? 


  1. Great paintings! I like your vision of this character. I saw him a little bit differently in my imagination. Your King of Fools is more tragic and older.

    I love these drawings very much!!! You showed perfectly the moments of doubts and decisions, the moments of emotional turmoil.

    My very best to you, Ruah!!!!