Apr 30, 2011

Of Stars & People

These are still frames from "Of Stars & People", one of the two new episodes from Oah & Harlam series. This episode along with "Of Care" is screened today at CalArts Open Show, 2 - 6 pm and after a break 10 - 11:30 pm. 


  1. Beautiful and touching. I like very much the face expression of this girl. She seems so lost.

    I wish I could get to the Open Show. That would be so nice....

    Greetings from Utah!!!!

  2. Oh yes, that'd be great if you come! Well, some day you should, show or no show! Thank you, Kaya for the comment! The girl's name is Oah. She and Harlam are my two characters for the last few years.

  3. i think, oah is me today. the two images show my falling yesterday, breaking my left arm again, waking up this morning, looking stunned into the blowballs of life. greetings from monika :o(

  4. Wow... Monika... The narration of this episode starts like this:
    "Yesterday... Oah fell down.."
    And the ending is good!

    Thanks for stopping by! Sending you bright thoughts. Take care. Get well.