Dec 29, 2010

Screening with Live Music!

Oah & Harlam Episodes were screened during Yoon Lee's concert at Wild Beast Concert Hall at CalArts. We screened the episodes scored by Yoon as well as Laurent Ziliani and Thomas Parisch, film scoring composers I collaborated with. It was a unique experience, something that we wish to do again with more episodes that are coming to life this very moment! 

Dec 7, 2010

My Room.

Found this drawing from my BFA-2 layout class with Dan Hansen at CalArts. The concept of this is showing my room at the time when I was a kid.

Dec 5, 2010


People who say they don't need inspiration, are inspired all the time without knowing it... Just thought of it, while searching, searching... 

Dec 3, 2010

Guardian Angel.

This is a pick from my Life Drawing session with two models, something that I do between film and painting. Many ideas are coming out from these spontaneous drawing sessions.