Dec 3, 2010

Guardian Angel.

This is a pick from my Life Drawing session with two models, something that I do between film and painting. Many ideas are coming out from these spontaneous drawing sessions. 


  1. Ruah, I am so glad that I found you. I love everything what you posted on this blog. You have unique style and unique talent!!!!

    About your work Winter Light. I never thought that you sometimes stop painting and return back to your work in one year. Apparently, you need time to wait for inspiration and a new idea. interesting. I will think about it. This painting is one of those paintings when you come to look at again and again. There is a mystery in it. Perhaps, light and colors.....

    Great blog and wonderful art works!!!! I wish you all my very best in everything you are doing, Ruah.

  2. It is a lot about seeing and almost nothing about inspiration. Sometimes one gets overwhelmed when standing too close to an experience of some sort. Time is a dimension of distance, for which one is much in need in order to get places that heart knows about for a long time, but clumsy mind and hands are dragging their way to it. Thank you for your kind wishes. Welcome to my blog.